5 Small Businesses You Can Start in Your Neighborhood

One of the positive things that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic was how well community members across the US worked together to help one another, particularly those that are in greatest need of assistance. Additionally, many local businesses shared whatever resources they had to the community without asking for anything in return.

Many of these community businesses even went so far as to shift their production to produce essential items frontline healthcare workers badly needed — from alcohol and hand sanitizers to face masks and hospital gowns.

There’s no question, thus, just how local businesses can truly make great contributions to local communities with the way they conduct their daily operations and how they give back to the same people who show loyalty and support to them.

Now, if you’re a business-savvy person who’s currently thinking of spurring the local economy by opening up a small business, you should carefully weigh your options. Here are five small businesses that you may choose from to venture into amid the ongoing pandemic:

Product heat transfer printing

Millions, even billions, of consumer products these days are printed with all sorts of designs that help make them functional and decorative. If you want a business that you can start small and immediately offer to locals, then a product printing business using a heat press and transfer machines is a great pick.

There is a commercially-available heat press for vinyl machines that you can buy to serve as your main equipment for such an in-demand business. With these special printing machines, you can accept printing jobs involving shirts, performance wear, industrial and medical workwear, and athletic apparel and uniforms.


If you have plenty of local neighbors who lost their jobs due to the pandemic, giving them a source of income through your business is a gesture that will surely be well-received by the community. And among the easiest businesses to put up in terms of funding, logistics, and manpower is a handicraft business.

Be it knitted products, woodwork, or home decors, handicrafts are non-perishable products that would sell if they’re well-made enough. If you have skilled community members who would be willing to train their neighbors, then you already have a local manpower source. Hiring community members is also a way of empowering them and making sure that the local economy gets a shot in the arm to help it survive.

And because you have locals as your employees, the community will no doubt appreciate such a kind gesture and will reward you with support and loyalty to lift your business up the ground.

Pet services/products

newly groomed dog

The pandemic situation made people look for something or someone to help keep their sanity intact. And one of the ways they decide to do it is to adopt a pet to serve as their companions amid the raging crisis.

Consequently, both pet grooming services and pet products got huge boosts at the height of the pandemic and well until now. This means that, at least for a considerable time, you’ll have a strong market to offer your products or services (or both) to, particularly if there are lots of pet parents in your community.

Remote work/services

If you have a skill that is possible to offer and deliver using digital means, then you should explore the possibility of remote work.

For many years now, freelance workers have been steadily gaining strength in numbers as companies around the world seek talented service providers who can work on piecemeal tasks and won’t need to be given benefits due to regular employees.

In light of the current pandemic, there has been a surge in available remote work that you can apply for and turn into your pandemic business. If you’re successful enough, then you can eventually hire more people to help you out with your workload. Who knows? Time may come when your small-time business could blossom into a full-on company.

Residential and commercial cleaning/disinfection

At the height of COVID-19’s rampage, private individuals and owners of commercial establishments across the US were in a mad dash to hire service providers to clean and disinfect their premises. Far from being a fleeting fad, residential and commercial cleaning and disinfection services continue to be viable businesses.

If you have lots of business establishments in your area, as well as local residents who are more than willing to avail of your services, then you can quickly start your operations using minimal seed funds. With a few crew, personal protective gear, and cleaning equipment and supplies, your cleaning and disinfection business can take off immediately.

With these five options before you, starting your small business should be a lot easier. Just choose one soon, do your research, and make the necessary investments to open up shop in your community.

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