A Look at Road Safety from a Cyclist’s View Point

Every day, cyclists are always at risk of suffering road accidents. Most of the time, it is the cyclists who come out worse following an accident. Every year, hundreds of cyclists lose their lives on roads. Thousands of others sustain injuries that may be anything from simple cuts to amputated limbs. It is on that premise that cyclists are encouraged to be proactive in ensuring their safety on the road.

Dealing with Road Accidents

Even after observing all traffic and safety rules, you may still get involved in a road accident. Following an accident, consider calling your lawyer. There are reliable bicycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles who would be willing to take up your case. Lawyers emphasize on the need to seek immediate legal advice, regardless of whether you were the cause of the accident or not. Even more importantly, do not accept to sign any documents or fill a claim form with your insurance company. Otherwise, you may get coerced into accepting a lower compensation than what you are eligible for. An important aspect of calculating compensation is the injuries sustained by the cyclist. As such, consider going to a hospital for a checkup. Your doctor should assess the extent of your injuries and prepare a report. Such a report comes in handy in convincing your insurance company of the percentage of medical bills they ought to cover.

Wearing Safety Gear Always

As a cyclist, your number one safety rule should be the use of road safety equipment. Never take your bike and leave behind the safety apparel. That is regardless of how safe you may assume the road to be. You do not have to be cycling along a busy street to be involved in an accident. You may even stumble and fall outside your house sustaining serious injuries. In the event of an accident, your safety gear provides your best line of defense. Helmets especially protect your head against possible concussions. Other elements of your safety gear may include gloves, knee pads, and reflector jackets. When cycling at night, your most essential gear may be your reflector vest. Always wear your safety equipment whenever you go cycling.

Observance of the Traffic Rules

cyclist cycling on the bike lane

Disobeying traffic rules is among the highest causes of accidents. The results are often fatal. There have been cases of cyclists who fail to stop at red signs. Others use the wrong lane. All such instances put the cyclists at risk of being run over. Other times, a cyclist may end up knocking down a pedestrian. Always make sure to observe the traffic rules whenever you are on the road. This reduces the chances of road accidents to a great extent. Finally, observe the speed limits. This will not only preserve your road safety but will also save you some trouble with law enforcement officers.

There are cyclists who have been on the road for years yet have never been involved in road accidents apart from a few stumbles and falls. Others tend to be involved in road accidents every so often. The difference is how well either of the two groups observes road safety.

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