Customers First: Make Your Customers Feel More Valued with These Pro Tips

We all know about how important customers are to any business. But how is it expressed in businesses other than the typical, “Thank you for doing business with us. Please come again” spiel?

9 Ways to Show Your Customers How Much You Value Them

1. Thank them. Sincerely.

Showing your customers that you appreciate them for doing business with you can do wonders for your relationship with them. For instance, if you’re a small business involved in curtain side truck units for sale, it’s easier to call every one of your customers this past year to thank them personally. If you have a bigger business, establishing a call center will do.

2. Let them know you remember them.

It’s always a great feeling to know that people remember you not just when they need you. Collect blank cards for all occasions and write to your customers to let them know that you’re thinking of them. The unexpected gesture will surely mean a lot to them.

3. Be there for them even after you’ve closed the sale or deal.

A lot of companies right now are only concerned with closing the deal. Set yourself apart from them and show your customer that you care about them by keeping in touch with them even after you’ve made the sale. Ask them how they’re doing and think of ways to also promote their business and services.

4. Pay attention to what they say and keep it in mind.

Nothing says you care about a person more than listening intently to everything they’re saying. Take note of what they’re saying and take time to revisit them to ask them how things are progressing since the last time you talked. And when they start sharing, listen some more.

5. Be honest. Always.

Always be truthful to your customers, even if there are times that the truth is a hard pill to swallow. They may not always like what you have to say but truth that is spoken out of concern for them will speak volumes about how you value them as individuals and not just a means to earn more money.

6. Show them you take action on their feedback.

Feedback, whether good or bad, is meant to keep you on your toes to provide better service. First, acknowledge any feedback you receive and thank them for taking the time to point these things out. Assure them that you heard what they said and that you’ll do something about it. And when you do take action, let them know what you did. This gives them greater confidence in your business and tells them what you consider their input valuable.

7. Give them handwritten notes to show them you appreciate them.


In a world where digital is the way to go, an unexpected letter in the mail — other than bills and invoices — can help brighten up someone’s day. Take the time to personally write notes to your customers. Send them birthday cards or just thank you notes to let them know that they are important enough for you to take your time to personally write to them. One, it shows how decent a human being you are and two, it helps build customer loyalty.

8. Give them gifts.

When we say gifts, we don’t just mean sending them customized company freebies. Customers are already numb to promotional items and are no longer easily impressed by them.

Send them gifts that resonate. This can only be done if you know them well enough to know some of the things they like. A personal gift sent their way, even if a sale hasn’t been made yet, is a great way of telling them you’re not just after their money but that you care about them and appreciate them for even considering doing business with you.

9. Get to know more about them.

Going beyond the business owner-client relationship entails getting to know your customers more. Take every opportunity you have to make that deeper connection with them. When they show up at your office or showroom, ask them about their family. Talk about their hobbies and interests. Find out about their achievements. Ask them how they like spending their free time.

These things will allow you to know your customers more and make it easier for you to connect with them on a personal level. Valuing the things they value will easily make them feel valued.

The bottom line is if you learn to give more value to your customers and clients, the more loyal they will be to your brand and business.

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