Deciphering a Road Accident: The Hows and Whys

Accidents can change people’s lives, and often not for the better. Some might have to live with medical complications and physical difficulties, and often many live with financial problems too. Sometimes a personal injury lawyer can help you get compensation, but how would you know you were not at fault?

When it comes to road accidents, there is a higher chance of getting into an accident riding a motorcycle compared to a car. The risk of dying is also higher because of less protection. Specific scenarios increase the likelihood of accidents on the road. Identify the causes to reduce the chances of getting into a crash.

Collision with an Object Fixed on the Road

Fixed objects on blind corners, dark spots and slippery roads increase the likelihood of motorcycle accidents. A rider that hits any of these while driving will lead to severe or even fatal injuries because they are thrown hard and far after a collision. To avoid these, always keep your lights in good condition and drive within the required speed limit.

Excessive Alcohol Use

If a rider drank too much before driving, they are likely to get into an accident. Intoxication blurs the eyes and dulls the senses. A person may not be aware they are driving too fast or are about to hit a corner because of the excessive amount of alcohol they drank.

A Car Making a Left Turn

A vehicle turning left is one of the most dangerous scenarios for motorcycle riders. Some drivers automatically look for other cars on the road. They fail to see a motorcycle thinking that the absence of another vehicle means there is nothing else in sight. A vehicle that is turning hits a rider when the latter is trying to pass it or when they are going straight. Motorcyclists must be aware at all times when they reach an intersection and anticipate if a vehicle is about to make a turn to avoid an accident.

Cars Changing Lanes

car accident

Some drivers are unaware that a motorcycle is on the lane they are about to move. They veer into an occupied space that increases the possibility of a collision. Motorcycles are significantly smaller than a regular car which makes them less visible on the road. Motorcyclists must look out for wheels that are about to turn, lights indicating that a driver is going to turn and traffic that is slowing down.

Over Speeding

Cars get into accidents when they drive too fast the same applies to motorcyclists. However, riders have a higher risk because they do not have sheets of metal or an airbag protecting them from a collision. Be a defensive rider and always drive within the speed limit to reduce accident risk.

Open Doors

Motorcyclists riding through parked and moving cars may collide into an open door. A person alighting may be unaware that a motorcycle is driving through. To prevent an accident during this scenario, avoid driving through parked cars and busy traffic.

Hit from Behind

Crosswalks, stop signs and intersections are places where a car might hit a motorcycle from behind. An accident can happen when the vehicle behind a motorcycle is going at high speeds or driving up to a blind corner.

These are some of the causes that increase the likelihood of a motorcycle accident. Identify these and learn how to avoid them. If you get into a scenario such as this, contact a lawyer who can help you.

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