How to Encourage Employees to Keep Their Workstations Clean

Working in an office can be hectic. From rushing to meet deadlines to brainstorming for next year’s marketing strategy, everyone in the office makes it a venue of organized chaos. But what shouldn’t appear chaotic is the environment of your workplace.

Cleanliness in the office shouldn’t be left to a cleaning company franchise or the company’s janitor entirely. Instead, you should also encourage your employees to make it a habit to clean up after themselves.

If you don’t know how to coax them into cleaning up, here are some suggestions.

Cleanliness equals effectiveness

You can inspire your employees to clean up more often by telling them that a clean workspace can make them more effective. You can use trending workplace practices like the 5S system developed by Japanese businessmen, which means “Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.”

Of course, you don’t need to implement each step in your office if some of them aren’t applicable. But it would be a big help if you teach your employees the benefits of cleaning up their workspaces and even the whole office.

Cleanliness should be a policy

You can also influence your employees if you turn this into a mandate. Most office workers will follow the company’s policies to the letter. If you require them to clean up after they’ve eaten at the pantry or before they leave the office, they’re more likely to tidy up.

Cleanliness prevents health hazards

Making your employees understand that a messy workplace could lead to an unhealthy environment may inspire them to clean up more, as well. You can tell them that unwashed plates, utensils, and drinking containers could attract mold. We all know that these fungi are a huge health risk.

Also, an untidy workplace is unsightly. If you make your employees understand that if you have important clients coming in and they see that your office is a mess, chances are they won’t do business with your company based on that premise.

Cleaning tools should be close by

Some people lack the motivation to clean up simply because they can’t find a mop or a broom nearby. Make sure that your cleaning tools are within their reach. You can set up a supply cabinet in all the corners of your office.

This way, your employees won’t have to leave the office to look for a broom. Also, if they can see the supply cabinet at all times, they’re less likely to feel too lazy to clean up.

Cleaning up is a team effort

Organized papers on desk

You should also schedule days where everyone gets to clean the office and the pantry. Gather your employees into different teams and schedule one cleaning day for each team. You can even team up people from different departments together so that they can get to know other employees better.

Having a clean office will bode well for the company. Cleanliness means that there will be fewer chances of someone getting sick and therefore, make your employees more productive. So, do your best to inspire your employees to practice cleanliness.

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