How to Keep Your Server Running

Your business depends on your IT infrastructure. This is because today’s businesses often need access to the Internet and various services that are found on the company server. This integrated approach allows industries to be competitive, so proper maintenance of the network is necessary. If you want to do the maintenance right, here are a few tips that should help:

Get Dedicated and Professional Help

Your network is the main reason why you will need an IT department. Having a team to handle all IT and network-related problems makes it easy to detect and fix problems. Additionally, professional IT network support is available. Tech experts can be hired to help with the maintenance or fixing of a problem when needed.

The critical thing here is that you need to hire skilled people who have proven chops. Don’t hire a fresh graduate unless as a trainee. Have a fellow with the right experience handling things so that there are no problems.

Keep Things Cool and Dry

The heart of any business network is your server. This is where all the action happens – and where you need to be careful. Servers can be damaged in two ways: by overheating and by getting wet. This means you need to be sure about your server room.

High temperatures damage computers and servers run hotly, especially when they are being pushed. This is why you will need fans and air conditioning for your server room. Keep it at a consistent 60 to 75 degrees to be sure. As for being dry, avoid bringing in drinks to the server. Humidity is also a factor so bring in a dehumidifier to ensure the air is dry.

Have a Network Inventory

Your network has various parts that need to be cataloged and identified. This includes servers, routers, cables, and more. Though you can do it manually, it will be best to have it done automatically. Still, there will be parts the automatic scan will miss. This means, after the scan, you will need to double-check the list to be sure that everything is complete.

Be Aware of the Standards

When you are in business, there are a variety of quality standards. Networks need to use the right software and follow the appropriate process. Ensure that your team is familiar with those standards and that they are raising your network practices to meet them. This includes industry-specific ones like PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA.

Have Alerts Installed

IT adminitrator checking on the server

You and your team need to be alerted when something goes wrong. This is why you need to pinpoint strategic areas in your network. This can be your data storage, your routers, and anything relevant. Have these alerts go off when something is wrong so that your team will be able to respond as quickly as possible.

Businesses nowadays depend on their network more than ever. This is why having problems with it can damage your business significantly. The tips above ensure that your system will be in excellent condition in the long run. This way, your business can operate smoothly and stay competitive.

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