How to Maintain a Portable Restroom Trailer

When getting a new portable restroom trailer, knowing where attachments and connections are is essential for proper setup. Here are the most important things to do when putting them in place.

Opening Up the Unit

Begin with dropping the trailer from the tow hitch and then lower the foot jack to level it. On the side, turn the knob to pull out the arm rails and the steps.

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Tighten things down securely.

Familiarization with Features

Find the electrical power connections and hook them up to a source. Then, connect the lighting and heating or cooling to the external plugs. Locate the breaker panel and fuse board to crank up connections.

Hook Up Water to the Portable Restroom Trailer

Water is one of the most important features and separates their class level far beyond stand-alone porta potties. Connect the water lines to the city or fresh water for toilet and sink operations. Put a water hose into the opening on the bottom to allow access to water-using toilets and sinks. Hook up to a heat supply if winterization is needed.

Get Ready for Profits

Keep the trailers cleaned daily, and check the waste levels to be emptied as needed. It’s best to contact a local sewer septic company to remove waste to keep the unit ready and fresh for use.


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