Support Your Local Grocer: Helping Struggling Businesses during the Pandemic

COVID-19 hit everyone hard. It has completely turned around how we do things so much that we can’t keep doing them the same way we used to. From going to work to the way we shopped, everything has been uprooted, and we’re forced to find new ways to do them.

Among the businesses that were impacted by the lockdown, small businesses showed that they couldn’t always take the hit. Paid ads for businesses come with their benefits, but not all businesses can afford to put out ads. Some would rather rely on word of mouth and other processes to get the word out.

If you or someone you know has a small business trying to make it out of the pandemic, you’ll have to rely on new tactics and the support of those closest to you. Here’s how you can help them get out of the wilderness that is the pandemic.

Buy Local, Get Local

Do you have friends who have small businesses? If so, you can help them by buying products from them or getting their services. Many small businesses are already exploring the many benefits of going online. If that’s the case, then it’s easier to find these businesses than ever before.

Most small businesses also operate locally. If you know a small enterprise that’s struggling near you, consider supporting them. You never know when you’ll be able to reap the benefits of going for their products and services. Who knows? They might also return the favor by giving you discounts for being a local customer or giving you a freebie.

Support the Welfare of Workers

Some businesses that have closed because of the pandemic have workers that rely on them for livelihood. If you know such a worker who still has a job but is struggling, support them by giving them a bigger tip than usual. This will go a long way towards supplementing their expenses.

You can also choose to support the organizations that strive to help them. The Restaurant Workers Community Foundation is one such organization that has created a relief fund for these workers. There are other organizations out there that are helping them, which can be searched through the web.

Be an Active Contributor

During this pandemic, everyone’s doing their part to help the affected. It may be a local business or the employees of one, but they need help, nonetheless. Some communities have taken to helping by organizing crowdfunding or similar fundraisers for these at-risk businesses.

These communities may have chosen one or more businesses to help. Most definitely, they will focus on locally owned businesses and will help these as a group. If you’re living in an area where you know some businesses are struggling, try to search if they have a crowdfunding website. If they do, then you should go out of your way to contribute. Even a small amount can help.

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Participate in Efforts like Small Business Saturday

There have been ongoing efforts to help small businesses, like the Small Business Saturday event by credit card company American Express. It occurs every November 28 and encourages customers to buy products from small businesses rather than big ones.

During this holiday, buyers buy from smaller brands and access unique products like handcrafted goods and artisan products. These may not be available with a larger retailer; it can also mean that personalized products are more available and accessible to people.

Online Shopping during Events like Small Business Saturday

If you’re going to participate in events such as these, you should check online for ways to help companies that rely on these events. They might be offering discounts and deals at an online shop, which is more a possibility these days.

Local brands are hard to find online, but they might be available with the Merchant Maps resource from American Express. The odd local store might also be found on Amazon, and small business owners often highlight their products and services on social media sites like Instagram. By buying from these stores, you can help them survive the challenges of the pandemic.

The pandemic has affected more than just the help of people; it also impacted their livelihood and how to do things. However, it’s not too late for most small businesses if people will only go out of their way to help them. If you want to help, think of going for local products first before buying from your favorite brand or eating at your favorite restaurant.

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