Using Modern Technology to Transform Your Business’ Customer Service

From the beginning, modern technology has always been about speed and efficiency. It has been utilized to allow every sector of society to move with ease and breeze. Today, modern technology is at the forefront of helping businesses improve their relationship with their consumers, especially at a time when social and physical interactions are minimal and discouraged as much as possible.

Businesses would be smart to harness the power of technology to create goodwill among consumers during this difficult time. One of the crucial aspects of maintaining a good relationship with consumers is by opening up excellent channels and opportunities for both parties to be able to communicate efficiently. Engaged customers impact businesses in significant ways, and your communication lines must always be open to hearing from them.

According to a 2017 survey, more than half of Americans have scrapped a planned transaction or purchase because of terrible service. 33% of American consumers also said they would gladly switch brands after just a single instance of bad service. Customer service is an important aspect of business that owners cannot afford to neglect.

Simply put, customer service is a company or business’s provision of service to customers before, during, and after a purchase has been made. It would be a mistake for a business to ignore after-sales service, especially since consumers have a 30-day right to reject goods. And even beyond the one month-limit, they’re still entitled to some form of replacement or repair service. Consumers have rights, and it is a business’s responsibility to listen to their customers’ needs.

Here are some ways brands and businesses can maximize modern technology to improve their customer service and engagement.


If your business already has a working website, don’t forget to include a page dedicated solely to feedback, reviews, or questions. Some web hosts also allow for auto-respond e-mails, so explore those options to make sure that your customers receive a reply even if no one is available to answer their query.

Online forms

Forms such as Google Docs, TypeForm, and Survey Monkey are excellent channels through which consumers can direct their feedback. Keep your forms simple, direct-to-the-point, and engaging by asking intentional questions. Keep the forms well-designed and in line with your brand identity.


Having an e-mail account that’s dedicated to customer service can help your business keep track of specific needs, help requests, and helpful feedback. It helps to make your customers feel that your lines are always open.


A 2017 study by Google found that 61% of mobile users prefer to call first when they have questions about a possible purchase or transaction. The reason for this is that communicating by voice is the fastest way to get the information that they need. Phone answering services can provide all kinds of businesses the chance to outsource tasks such as answering phones and addressing immediate problems.


woman using phone

There are sophisticated tools you can use to help improve your customer service. There are software programs you can use for ticketing, product bundles, live chat support, and others. Data-gathering tools can also help your business efficiently manage all the information you receive from your customers.

Digital marketing

Make sure your brand’s digital marketing and customer service are closely aligned. If your social media platforms are the primary way you communicate with your audience, make sure those channels are peppered with links and information about how your audience can reach your business’s customer service representatives. Communication is a two-way street, after all. Here are some tips:

  1. Use language that calls them to action. Ex. “For more information, visit” and “book now and get a 15% off.”
  2. Focus on community-building. Engage your shoppers and create opportunities for them to also make connections with other customers. If you build an online space that allows them to communicate with each other, you would be more capable of understanding your consumer base’s heartbeat and general view of your goods and service.
  3. Make use of tools and apps that can help you keep track of your customers’ level of engagement. There have been major advancements in analytics tools in recent years, so make sure to maximize all these resources available to you.

Train and Empower Your People

No matter how far modern technology can go, nothing will be able to replace being able to communicate with a human being. Ensure that there are highly-trained and qualified customer service representatives on the other end of the line that can help meet and address your customers’ needs.

Proper customer service is giving your customers a voice and assuring them that someone will attend to their needs shortly. Giving your customers a voice will be for naught if no one is listening on the other end.

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