What Makes Golf a Fun Way to Exercise?

Compared to some sports, golf is laid-back. When you view tournaments on TV, you notice the calm demeanor of the presenters and the spectators. It demands a high level of concentration on the part of its players. Do not be surprised if you see someone get irate when they are disturbed by noise or heckling. Another thing to appreciate about it is the scenery. In between holes or during transitional breaks, you can see the cameras pan over the landscape covered by lush greenery. For sure, the property is being maintained by professionals that provide commercial landscaping services. That is expected for a location that is large-scale.

Even though golf is a sport played at a slower pace, there is still much excitement to be had. If you ever took an interest in learning it, you will see that it can be a great way to exercise and get fit.

Traversing a Wide Space

The golf cart is an iconic part of the sport. Players and caddies would ride these after a stroke that sends the ball out to a considerable distance across the landscape. The vehicle is used only for bridging the huge location gap between the player and the ball; otherwise, there is a lot of walking involved. Not only will you have to work on your swing, but you also get to stretch out your leg muscles, too. It also does not hurt that you get to bask under the sun. So even though you look dapper in your golf outfit, you will still need to break out a sweat to bring your A game.

The Tranquility


Going out there to a golf course yourself would be a significantly different experience than what you see on TV. If you already find broadcasts about this game calm and relaxing, it will even be more subdued if you take out the spectators and just have you and maybe a few buddies playing with you. There is the unwritten rule of just letting other golfers focus on making their shots. This kind of mutual respect sets your expectation of playing in a quiet environment.

Being in a large location surrounded by grassy hills and trees without people bothering you definitely adds to the tranquil atmosphere. Since you have everything you need to focus on your shot at this point, it will be you competing against yourself. If you allow the slight distractions to go into your head, you need to work more on how to keep it in a clear state.

The Challenge

As with any sport, you want to savor the challenge of being better at it. There is much to learn and refine when you play golf. When it comes to your first stroke, not only do you have to practice hitting the ball hard enough to make it fly very far, but you also need to be accurate with where you want it to land. This is a crucial part of the game as it could determine how many strokes you have to make before hitting the hole.

In this sport, the fewer you need those strokes, the better. You also have the more cerebral part of the game. You have to factor in things such as the wind direction, terrain surfaces, slopes, and inclines before you make that shot. It requires you to have a knack for projecting estimates in your if you want to do well.

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