What Passengers Should Know about Accidents that Involve Ride-sharing Apps

Transportation alternatives like ride-sharing networks have become popular in the U.S. Ride-sharing apps like Uber have provided people with an affordable and convenient way to travel. But there are some notable risks people should know about these commuting services.

In cities like Los Angeles, lawyers dealing with Uber-related accidents know the risks involved in ride-sharing. Ride-sharing passengers are not guaranteed that the company or the driver’s insurance provider will cover their medical expenses after an accident. Most passengers only realize later how difficult it is to ask for compensation because of the complicated nature of the business and the parties involved.

In the case of  Elaine Herzberg, a 49-year-old Tempe woman, she was fatally struck by an autonomous Uber vehicle in March 2018. Uber reportedly settled an undisclosed amount with Herzberg’s family after the National Transportation Safety Board and local police determined that the ride-sharing app was partially liable in the crash. The company’s liability was determined after the radar, the high-tech sensors, and the driver who happened to be streaming video during the time; all failed to prevent or avoid the crash. An attorney who was not involved in the settlement believed that a case like that could cost between $1 to $3 million.

Although there have been several horrifying stories involving ride-sharing networks, most consumers find it more practical to use such services rather than embrace the $500-$600 annual average vehicle repair services. When you hire a ride-sharing app, these are some of the things you should consider.

Safety Tips for Ride-sharing Passengers

Taxis could be a safer alternative, but there are some distinct advantages in using ride-sharing apps. While it’s easy for a commuter to determine a reliability of a ride-sharing vehicle driver through ratings, the University of California San Francisco said commuters might also consider sending their transportation details to their family or friends.

A passenger may casually ask the driver for the name of the person who booked the vehicle for verification. Passengers may also want to cancel a ride-sharing arrangement if they think they are unsafe while inside the vehicle. If you are involved in a car accident, passengers should document the event with pictures and videos. You can then ask a lawyer to review your case and identify who is liable.

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The Legal Process Could Reduce Accident-related Expenses

Depending on the extent of the injuries, car accident victims have to deal with significant financial loss. After the incident, the families of car crash victims often consider getting help from an experienced lawyer who can handle road accidents, including those caused by dangerous or risky roads. They could ask for medical support and compensation, aside from income lost due to the person’s inability to work.

Ride-sharing networks are affordable transportation alternatives for consumers. But anytime you are on the road the risk is always there for an accident that could involve you and other modes of transportation. Know all the risks you are taking and prepare yourself for the possibility. Ask the advice of a legal professional if possible.

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