Why You Need a Succulent Garden at Your Home

What’s up with succulent plants lately, huh? Almost everyone’s obsessed with these little creatures. And it’s not just in their gardens or window sills that they put these succulent plants. They put it on their earrings, necklaces, shirts, sunglasses, and rings. Some even have these as nose piercings! It’s crazy, but it’s also totally understandable.

Succulent plants are lovable to a fault. If you want easy lawn and landscape maintenance, you need to look into the idea of having a succulent garden, instead of the regular one where you plant roses right in your soil. Because succulents don’t need that much pruning, they are the perfect choice for individuals and families on the go.

Low Maintenance

Look, if you need to only pinpoint one reason succulent plants are the perfect garden companions, it is this: They are absolutely low maintenance. Sure, you still need to water and fertilize them, as well as put them under sunlight. But here’s the thing: You don’t need to do it every day. As long as the plants, depending on their requirements, get enough light and water a week, they’ll last for a long time.

In fact, succulent plants will die if you overwater them, so it’s highly suggested that you wait days until the topsoil is completely dried out before you water them again. You can forget about these plants and go on with your day or week, and they will still be there when you return home.

That means that you can take that vacation. No need to ask your neighbor to water the plants. Just make sure that they are thoroughly watered a few hours before you leave the house, and they’ll still be perfectly fine after a few days. If you’re going to be gone for weeks, then ask a neighbor or a friend to check on the plants on the third or fourth day. Otherwise, they’ll be fine by themselves.


Succulent gardens can last through the winter and the summer seasons. If you live in a state where there’s very harsh winter, you can plan and bring the succulent plants indoors before the snow hits. As opposed to regular plants, it is easy to move succulents because they are smaller and most of them are grown in containers.

They can thrive indoors, too. While most plants may wither and die because of the lack of sunlight, succulents are great indoor plants because they require so very little light, water, and fertilizer. As long as you move them indoors and protect them from water, moist, and snow, they’ll be fine.


Top view of various types of succulent plant pot

While roses, orchids, and sunflowers look amazing on your lawn, there’s something about these little cactuses and rosettes that make you want to propagate them and use them as decorative pieces around the house. Maybe it is the fact that they last longer than other types of plants and flowers? You can create a gorgeous centerpiece of succulents and not have to refresh or change them in weeks. Roses would wither in just two days.

Don’t be surprised if your neighbors start growing succulent plants in their gardens. Not only are these the easiest plants to take care of, but they are also gorgeous and give off a positive vibe. Start planting them now and watch how they turn your lawn into a work of art.

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