5 Tips to Help You Transition to a Vegan Diet

The decision to make the shift to a vegan diet is definitely noble. A lot of people admire those who choose to adhere to a plant-based diet. And many want to get into it as well, but they never really could. Admittedly, it’s hard to make that transition, especially if you’re used to eating meat. But it’s not impossible.

The plant-based, vegan lifestyle has become more prevalent nowadays. A lot are making the switch for different reasons. For some, it may be for a healthier diet or weight loss purposes. For others, it’s to do their parts in protecting animals. If you’re looking to starting your vegan journey, here are some tips to help you make the transition.

Connect with vegans in your area

Often, the difficulty of the transition to a vegan diet lies in the struggle to find vegan-friendly food. Especially for newbies, it can be hard to find restaurants that cater to plant-based diets. But that doesn’t mean there are none. Especially with the growing popularity of vegan diets, many establishments are now serving vegan-friendly food.

The best way to find these spots is to connect with vegans in your area. Most vegan groups have communities where they share restaurants, tips, stories, and advice on adhering to a vegan diet. It’s always good to get support when making this huge transition.

Learn how to cook your own meals

Even if you find a really good vegan restaurant to sustain your diet, eating there for every meal is going to cost you a fortune. Vegan-friendly food is not exactly wallet-friendly. So there will come a point when cooking your own meals is the best option. Invest in a good cookbook and learn some fantastic recipes to try at home. You can even attend a healthy cookery school to learn plant-based dishes.

Look for vegan alternatives for your favorite meals

Did you know that there is such a thing as vegan pizza? You heard that right! In fact, there are vegan alternatives now for meat dishes. And they taste surprisingly similar — perhaps even better. The only difference is the use of vegan and plant-based ingredients to recreate it.

Let’s face it, the hardest part about making the transition to a vegan diet is saying goodbye to your favorite meals. But you can always find a vegan recipe for it and use plant-based ingredients to make any dish you please.

Consider supplements


When you first share to someone that you’re vegan, they usually end up having questions like “where do you get your protein?” Admittedly, there are nutrients our bodies need that can be found best in meat, like protein, iron, etc. Switching to a plant-based diet means your body won’t get these nutrients.

That’s why vegans usually take supplements to continue to supply their bodies with essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Ask your vegan community or health professionals which brands and products are the best for you to take.

Don’t beat yourself up for slip-ups

Many people make the decision to go vegan, but end up reverting to eating meat after a couple of weeks. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s been acknowledged that adhering to a vegan diet is relatively hard. It requires a lot of self-control to stick to it.

If you ever slip up and give in to eating meat again, don’t beat yourself up too much for it. It happens. Just acknowledge the mistake and use it to drive you forward.

Making the transition to a vegan diet is not easy, but with these tips, you’ll be well on your way towards a healthier lifestyle.

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