On-Site Laser Services Save Your Business Time and Money

Most small- to medium-sized businesses that deal with engraving products and services (e.g., creating corporate signage, serializing company assets, and branding promotional products) outsource their laser needs and cutting jobs.

The reasons behind this decision vary:

  • “We want to save time on production.”
  • “Having our machine can be too expensive. It’s best to save for other areas of the business.”
  • “It seems like outsourcing is the easier option.”

Outsourcing your services may sound like a better choice. However, depending on such services for a long time might be more problematic than harnessing laser machine cutting and carving capabilities on your own.

The Problem with Outsourcing Laser Services

As the demand for laser cutting/engraving services grows, manufacturers deal with increasing costs from contractors. Since more businesses incorporate laser engraving, the volume of outsourced work increases. There may come a point when spending on custom laser services would no longer be cost-effective.

The time taken to schedule suppliers and reserve production spaces that meet their schedule can result in delays, which may range from a day to a week (or more). Also, businesses that need to rush their products often pay high rush charges and steep shipping fees to receive their deliverables on time.

Instead of dealing with these concerns in the future, reduce lead delivery times, and meet customer demand by taking control of laser cutting.

Bringing Laser Services In-House Made Possible by Technology

Thanks to advances in technology, many features exclusive to large-scale laser cutting machines are now available to smaller desktop engraving machines. These machines, which are available at affordable prices, still offer the same high-quality results.

By harnessing the power of laser cutting in-house, you can put a brand to your promotional products (e.g., pens, fans, clothes, and mugs), as well as serialize your company’s mobile phones and gadgets. You can personalize your business’s signage, customer gifts, and employee recognition rewards as well.

A More User-Friendly Option is Available for You

laser machine

Today’s lasers offer efficiency and speed, promoting a more productive process and reducing scrap rates. Due to constant improvements in the laser machine design and production process, these newer models are more durable and require less maintenance.

Some manufacturers might worry about the availability of in-house expertise needed to configure laser cutting machines and application engineering. Fortunately, newer laser cutting machine models are user-friendly and do not require sophisticated software. Today’s machines allow you to save and re-access any job you send to the laser.

Organization of schedules and tools are the other benefits of in-house lasers. Project re-runs, previews of previous jobs, and re-using settings on past runs keep your job organized.

Before you settle on a laser cutting model, seek recommendations from trusted friends, or read online reviews. If you have a preferred model, ask the manufacturer about the specs, usage, and warranty terms.

Having an in-house laser cutting/engraving machine saves you more time and money compared to outsourcing laser cutting services. The next time you’re facing tight deadlines for product customization, impress your clients with your in-house engraving services.

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