Best Color Options for Corporate Uniforms

Most employers are only focused on getting employees to work on time and supplying the necessary tools to get their jobs done. These are, of course, essential elements of all successful businesses, but your workers should also exude a positive image to clients. One of the ideal ways of doing this is by introducing a corporate uniform. When people think of a uniform, they picture the same old t-shirts with a logo of your company and in brand colors.

Just like high visibility clothing for NZ workers in high traffic areas enhances their visibility to other road users, your corporate uniform makes workers stand out. Opting for simple clothing with a logo in your brand colors makes your business come across as unimaginative.  Choosing a random color, on the other hand, is out of trend. Your ideal choice when designing a staff uniform is to pick colors according to the emotions you want to elicit.

The following are tidbits on the best corporate uniform colors to ease your decision making:


This color elicits trust, has a soothing effect, and is often linked with intellectuals. If you have a drama-filled work environment, blue is the ideal corporate uniform color to make your staff come across as the best people to consult. This explains the popularity of blue among hospital staff and caregivers. Blue is also an ideal choice for workplaces relying heavily on clients’ trust like engineering and law firms.


This color is associated with “power dressing.” It exudes knowledge, authority, and sophistication hence its use in high-powered corporations, banks, and security firms. It is, however, a tricky color to pull off successfully for work uniforms in places where you want clients to connect with you. This is because it also makes the wearer seem reserved, oppressive, and domineering. It can, however, be successfully used when combined with cheery accent colors like orange and yellow.

Group of employees smiling


With eco-sustainability being a key selling point for clients nowadays, green is among the most popular work uniform colors. This is not only associated with eco-friendliness but elicits calm, growth, and tranquility. It is thus ideal for workplaces hinged on healing and growth like pharmacies, spas, and health centers. Green is also restful and will reduce eye strain in places with a lot of light. It might be the ideal choice in work environments with a lot of natural lighting or computers.

Metallic Grey or Silver

This gives an impression of scientific ability or technological expertise. To some extent, it also lends an aura of prestige to your work environment. As such, this is the best color for workplaces that want to be renowned as the best for technical and scientific excellence.

Some business owners think corporate uniforms make their workplaces and employees look too “rigid.” A survey nonetheless showed that most employees prefer working in places with uniforms. This not only reduced their expenses for stocking their work wardrobes but also eased their decision making on what to wear to work. With the right color from the above, work uniforms might be just what your business needs to flourish.

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