Getting Involved in an Accident While Riding an Uber: What to Do

Nobody likes getting involved in an accident, but there are a few moments when it is almost unavoidable. You will never be able to predict an accident before it happens, which means that you must be prepared for any type of situation. You might find yourself riding an Uber on the way home, but you and your driver end up in a collision with another vehicle or pedestrians. When you are facing an accident in an Uber, here are the steps you need to take:

Health Comes First

When you come out alive after an accident, your mind might overdrive. You will start thinking about the huge medical bills you have to pay and the repair costs you need to take. However, you must try to think about your health over anything else. Check yourself for any injury, whether it is a small wound or a fractured bone, and get medical assistance to prevent your injuries from getting worse. Witnesses to the accident will make sure that you get immediate treatment. When the medics arrive while you are conscious, you should tell them what you are feeling. If you only sustained minor injuries, you should consider checking on the other parties involved in the accident.

Find Out Who is at Fault

When you are sure that everyone is safe from the accident, you will be able to talk about how the situation escalated. You should determine who is at fault to help you shoulder expenses. As the passenger of an Uber ride, this means that you passed on the responsibility of safety to your driver. However, there will be times when both the Uber driver and the other party will try to talk their way out of paying for your medical bill. Seek help by getting the footage on each car’s dashcams. There is a high chance that you are distracted during your Uber ride, which means that evidence and witnesses will be crucial to finding out who is responsible for the accident.

Figure Out Uber’s Accident Policy

A lot of people do not know that Uber drivers are contractors. They are not directly working under Uber despite knowing that the company relies on ride-hailing for profit. Because of the contract, Uber drivers are often solely responsible for the dues you are facing. There are times when the driver will not be able to pay for your medical bills, which is why Uber came up with an accident policy. The company’s insurance policy might not give you enough financial aid, but it will be able to help ease the burden off your shoulders.

Seek Legal Assistance

Police car at motorway accident or crime scene

You might be thinking of suing Uber because you suffered from permanent disability or major injuries during the accident. Aware of the possible events, Uber will make it hard for you to claim insurance and compensation. If you want to take the ride-hailing company to court, you should consider hiring an Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles. You will be able to focus on recovery while the attorney builds a strong case for your compensation.

Nobody wishes to get involved in an accident, especially when you only want to rest while going on your way home. However, you must know what to do in case you get involved in an unfortunate situation.

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