Creative Workplaces to Liven Up the Office

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These days, companies pay a premium on creative and innovative ideas. However, creative juices are not as consistent as work ethic and they can sometimes have their peaks and valleys. Personal mood and inspiration can influence the quality and productivity of people in the creative field.
True innovators understand this, and they have sought to contribute to their workers’ overall wellness by having a fresh and lively atmosphere that accommodates creative minds. The office doesn’t have to be drab and uniform, and even those office space for rent in progressive countries such as Singapore can be customised, so there really is more room for creativity.

One of the models of having fun and innovative workplaces is Google headquarters. By their own admission, they really intend to build the “happiest” and “most productive” workplace in the entire world.

The motivation behind Google’s decision to have unconventional office design is a result of the service they offer: research. Various studies noted that the physical space that one occupies affects the motivation of your staff. The office becomes more productive when the employees converse and the atmosphere is collaborative.

Google did not want to follow the typical office floor plan, with the staff and junior officers on the lower floors while the managers and senior officers would be on the upper offices. They were not big fans of emphasizing the hierarchy and would rather have all their staff working together. This has caused a shift in their culture.

The design of their office has led to more interaction across all levels, and it has led to an increase in productivity. Google has maintained that they treasure the people, and results will just be an incidental outcome. They have become one of the top companies in the world.

Healthy Offices

There are also various studies that have emphasized the health risks arising from sitting down in extended periods. That is why Autodesk has brought in unorthodox office furniture, replacing their traditional office desks with what they call “treadmill desks.”

These desks promote activity, which is a move to emphasize health and wellness. The desks are designed ergonomically so that there won’t be an undue strain on the employees when they engage the treadmill. This allows the workers to squeeze in some exercise time without compromising their production.

Work and Play in One Place

For a company like LEGO, the workspace should definitely fit the description of an actual workspace playground. Since the staff needs to have an imaginative mindset to produce the toys that the world has loved, the workplace needs to project a conducive atmosphere.

They have very playful furniture and backgrounds, such as a mural that has blades of grass and LEGO figures all around, as well as oversized furniture that gives off an impression to the employees that they are “kids.” These impressions help them have a child-like imagination. LEGO and Google actually have fun additions to their offices, such as slides and other playground fixtures, which can help the employees let off steam.

Unconventional offices have been proven to promote better productivity, specifically for industries that need creative output. If the positive results continue, even offices of conventional industries could follow suit.

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