Essential Digital Tools To Survive Online Learning In 2021

Unless you’re a child prodigy or have genius talent, then you’ve had your fair share of bumps when it comes to cramming deadlines, engaging in crunch time, and a good load of sleepless nights in your academic journey. That’s just how a student’s life goes. We all toughen up and face all these struggles so that we can get one step closer to reaching the careers we want.

However, since the switch to full-blown digital learning and handling all classes completely through an online platform, students got the short-end of the stick trying to adapt and work their way through uncharted territories. And, despite their best efforts to be productive, many have been overwhelmed by their workloads.

It’s A Struggle, But It Doesn’t Always Need To Be

Now, to say that past months have been a struggle is an understatement, and going into 2021 with the same mindset is not healthy for the learning individual. But, with the right attitude and tools at your disposal, we think that it’s possible to get back up on your feet and overcome these challenges. Sure, these tools won’t magically finish your dissertations for you, but these digital apps will certainly give you an edge in staying productive.

#1 To-Do List Apps

Ah yes, To-Do List apps are the bread and butter of any productivity-centered individual. And now that students are faced with weekly requirements and daily quotas, it’s the perfect fit for the new normal. Regardless if you’re taking a bachelor’s degree or pursuing postgraduate studies, we all need to keep track of our responsibilities, and this digital tool will surely help.

  • Breaks Down Complex Tasks: Whether it’s a group project or an end-of-term requirement for passing the subject, we all get that one big task looming over our heads every single semester. So, to reduce the risk of you slacking off and passing late, a to-do list app can break it down into simple steps for you to make progress. Yes, you’ll still be putting in the work, but this keeps you on track and in a healthy state of mind.
  • Good Pacing and Fulfilling: All students have a terrible habit of leaving things off for a tomorrow that never comes. As a result, deadlines strip away the sanity of their weekends and keep them glued to their laptops. However, a to-do list app can encourage good pacing and help get things done every day. Plus, nothing is more fulfilling than checking them off!

#2 Time Tracker

Sure, a time tracker may feel like unneeded external pressure, but we can’t deny that it’s an excellent method of keeping us conscious of our time and reminds us to pick up the speed. And no, your phone doesn’t count because we all know how tempting it can be to scroll through your newsfeed.

  • Promotes Good Time Management: Much like how college classes are only available at certain times, you’ll want to schedule your day into one-two hour sessions of effective study time. Through this method, you’ll get more things done, allow you to tackle multiple subjects, and gets you a gold star in time management.
  • Helps Snuff Out Dead Time: One of the distinct advantages of a time tracker is how good it snuffs out dead time. Sure, you could sneak in a few minutes of scrolling or work in one episode of that Netflix show you’ve been binging, but you won’t be able to shake off the clock. A time tracker keeps you accountable and prevents any sneaky cheat times.

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#3 A Note-Taking App

Lastly, you can’t wiggle your way through online education without a proper note-taking application by your side. Much like how we used to stand by our bullet journals and notebooks, a note-taking app centralizes all of our key information into an accessible platform. As a result, you wouldn’t have to rummage through scattered files because everything’s neatly laid out in one app.

  • Perfect for Reviews: Pop quizzes and late-announced evaluation tests are the banes of our existence. These assessments just catch you off-guard and unprepared, leaving you with only a couple of hours or even minutes to study. However, with a good note-taking app, you’ll have everything jotted down and ready for a quick skim.
  • Friendly Interface: While some people can make word documents and PDF files work as their notes, these platforms aren’t catered for taking down notes, which puts you at an immediate disadvantage. A proper note-taking app will have a friendly interface that’s inviting and will have all the necessary features like highlighting, snipping articles, and many more.

Making Things Work

In conclusion, while online classes in this new normal are tough, it’s not impossible to weave through and come out on top. So, before you throw in the towel, we strongly recommend finding your choice of digital tools and apps to help you with your academic journey.

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