Fun Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas That Businesses Can Try

Come February, Valentine’s Day shoppers start to flock to shopping malls and retail outlets to find some of the best gifts for their special ones. There are various items that one can give for this special day. There are flowers, chocolates, stuff animals and a couple’s shirts.

Because there are plenty of other stores offering the same items, competition can be tough. Store owners can turn heads and pique buyer interest with the help of commercial landscaping services. In Cleveland, there are services providers who also specialize in lighting and décor for malls and stores.

Depending on how business owners want their promotions to go, they can hold day-of-the event promotions or build excitement several days before the big day. Planning a promotion can be an exciting experience for business owners, employers, and the service provider.

Here are some Valentines promotion ideas that you can use with your lighting and décor partner:

Jack and Sally

A Halloween theme sells fast to young couples who love Goth and gore. Some youngsters love the dark emotion of love and are actually excited with Valentine’s Day as well. Jack Skellington and Sally, Monequitas from Day of Dead and Homer or Marge Simpson can be lovely characters that showcase love and relationships.

Fairy lights can be set up amidst the black and red backdrops for a dark and emotional yet young and romantic Valentine’s Day set up.  Add some fun to it by displaying bonus items shoppers can get with a purchase such as hearts, chocolates, black ruffles, headbands, and even couple shirts!

Romantic February

couple drinking wineAs soon as the month of Love starts, stores can begin setting up Fairy lights, tube light lights, spotlights along with hanging heart cut-outs. Stock the store with items that run in the shade of red.

Red couple clothing, dresses, bags, pillows, and other items can be littered around the store to pique the interest of customers wandering around. Stores could also solicit services of special booths, such as the Kissing Booth, Photo Booth, Chocolate Booth, Wine Tasting Booth and other treats that are related to the occasion.

Flower Festival

Valentine’s Day is also a time when flowers and floral arrangements are in high demand. Flowers are not only made into bouquets to be given to ladies on this special day.

Shopping malls and hotels also hire service providers to create a wonderful floral arrangement for their ballrooms and activity area. Some hotels hold romantic dinner buffets and concerts for couples, so it is best to prepare the venue with lovely flowers and wonderful lights around.

With any special occasion coming up, stores and business should put plenty of effort into decorating and setting up the whole business. Involve workers in coming up with wonderful ideas for Valentines. Sometimes, unique and out of the box ideas are well-received by shoppers and customers.

When it comes to hiring services on lighting and décor, avoid taking chances and contract only professionals to ensure that everything will be done right and in time for the big day.

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