How Do You Know You Hired a Good Lawyer?

People have very bad misconceptions about lawyers. You’ve watched all those legal shows, right? Far too many of them represent lawyers as these cold and heartless individuals who are always out for the kill. Sure, you’ve got a few good lawyer roles sprinkled around in Hollywood but for the most part, lawyers are meant to intimidate and make a client submit to their ideas.

In real life, finding good disability insurance lawyers, for example, is surprisingly easy. With so many lawyers and firms around the world, you should be able to find one who you can connect to. So really, there’s no need to stay with your lawyers if you don’t think they are being helpful with your case. No matter how good the law firm claims to be, there’s no point in continuing a relationship that has lost your trust.

Professional Chemistry

Chemistry matters in any relationship. Yes, even in someone who’s legally representing you in court. You have to connect to your lawyer. You have to be able to trust your lawyer. Otherwise, it’s a complete waste of time to work with them. If you cringe every time their names appear in your caller ID, then it’s time to find someone else who doesn’t make you feel that way.

Did you simply follow your friends’ and family’s recommendations? Don’t feel bad about cutting ties with someone who you don’t get along with. If you cannot trust that your current lawyers have your best interest at heart, then there’s no point in continuing this professional relationship with them. Expertise and years of experience matter, but these are not the only thing you should consider.

Price and Quality

A great lawyer can explain in detail the merits of the case. Hopefully, your lawyer isn’t telling you that he can win the case without any worry at all. Anyone who promises that cannot be trusted. Even the most seasoned lawyers should be cautious in giving reassurances to their clients. No one is sure how a judge or jury will see the merits of the case. Though your lawyers have a pretty good idea of how to argue and win your case, they shouldn’t be overconfident.

Typically, a lawyer charges by the hour. Some are at a $150 per hour rate. Others are at a lofty $300 to $500 hourly rate. But remember that the quality of your lawyer is not reliant on the fees imposed on the client. Sometimes, a $300-per-hour lawyer will end up cheaper than a $150-per-hour lawyer if the former was efficient in the job. It is tempting to hire someone who works for a minimal fee but remember that you are trying to win a case. For now, how much a lawyer costs should be the least of your worries.

Network and Connections

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lawyer who is well-connected in the community? This makes you think that the lawyer knows the local laws better. It is also advantageous for your case if your lawyer is well-known in the legal community and the courts. Familiarity with the legal staff allows lawyers to navigate the intricacies of the legal system easier. Getting some inside information is always a welcome benefit for clients.


Have you ever worked with someone who has utter disrespect for your time? Isn’t it annoying to always wait for this person to submit projects, come to work on time, and finish a presentation? The same goes for lawyers. If your lawyers can’t be reached and they have total disregard of your time, it’s a sign that your relationship cannot work. In any relationship, respect is a priority. It isn’t something you flippantly give another person. Whatever your social standing may be, you should make an effort to respect the time being given to you.

A good lawyer understands that their clients are anxious about the progress of the cases they face. They know that it matters to their clients to be updated about the case. When your lawyers don’t understand such a simple concept, what does this tell about them? What many clients don’t realize is that it’s okay to trust your gut with lawyers. If you feel that your needs as a client are being neglected, then what’s stopping you from finding someone else?

Evaluate the relationship you have with your lawyer. Being in tenterhooks about your case is not a normal feeling for clients. The goal of the lawyer is to win cases. However, part of winning these cases is ensuring that the clients are satisfied with the process they took to get there. Lack of communication, conflicts, unethical behaviors, and questionable billing may be more traumatic for clients than the case itself.

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