Keep Your Warehouse Safe with These Tips

Safety should be your number one priority when running operations in a warehouse. Protecting your employees from possible hazards means continuous operations of your business. No more downtime because of absenteeism caused by injuries, which translates to increased productivity. There are several ways to foolproof your warehouse against risks, and here are some of them.

Perform a racking inspection

New Zealand is vulnerable to damages due to its seismic conditions. That is why your shelves and storage system must be fully equipped to withstand a natural disaster. With a proper warehouse safety audit, you are ensuring that you comply with the country’s rack design and safety laws. This proactive approach allows the longevity of your pallet racking systems while preventing costly repairs.

Provide adequate training

Accidents occur when employees cut corners without knowing the repercussions of their actions. Sure, they might be saving time, but they are also exposing themselves to warehouse injuries. Ensure that your staffs undergo training when they get hired. Also, provide periodic refresher courses for everyone to ensure they are up-to-date with knowledge about safety practices at work. Don’t forget to reevaluate all your managers and supervisors, too, on their knowledge of safety procedures so they can set a good example to your employees.

Use safety equipment at all times

Provide safety gears for everyone, and make sure they are using it properly. Protective eyewear, dust masks, and hard hats are common safety equipment that is often overlooked in a warehouse. Also, make sure sprinklers and emergency exits are not blocked at all times. If your operation involves lifting heavy loads, invest on forklifts and hydraulic dollies to do the job. Don’t cut costs on these safety gears just to minimise your expenses. It would be more costly for you if your employees get involved in an accident.

Ensure proper label and signages

Building Emergency Exit

Have safety procedures and emergency procedures posted in visible areas throughout your warehouse. Make sure you have adequate signages describing proper handling of hazardous materials, lifting techniques, and operating specific machines. Also, have clear instructions posted as well on what your employees should do in case of an emergency. For instance, you should have posters that will direct them to the nearest emergency exits, first aid kit stations, or fire extinguishers. Don’t rely on your employees’ memory to remember all these.

Promote awareness among employees

Communication among employees is the key to eliminate risks in your warehouse. By simply yelling out their locations, you can prevent a collision from happening. For instance, an employee driving a machine or carrying items can alert other employees with a simple “coming through,” steering clear of dangerous pathways. You should encourage your people to constantly aware of what’s happening around the workplace and their whereabouts to minimise warehouse accidents.

Keeping your employees safe promotes harmonious operations in your warehouse. When you mitigate risks in the workplace, it can only impact your business in positive ways. Your people can work at ease knowing you value their safety, increasing productivity in the process. You minimise work-related accidents, reducing downtime that can hurt your operation. Most importantly, you get to profit from these safety investments.

And with the tips above, you can keep your warehouse safe at all times.

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