What to Expect from the Grade School Curriculum

Children grow up very fast. Before parents know it, they’re off to elementary school and will be away from home for a long time. This period in your child’s life is crucial in building character, discipline, and social skills. It’s also the time where they are introduced to various subjects in the elementary curriculum. Kids from Gilbert, Arizona also have the option of going to a Christian school for more values-based and Christ-focused learning. Here’s what parents should expect their kids to learn at every grade level:

First Grade

During first grade, your child becomes more attentive. They will be more observant and learn to follow instructions quickly. They can team up with classmates and do group tasks more confidently. Your kid will enjoy books both independently and in small groups. They will learn to form good sentences, write short stories, and practice their handwriting as well. Your kid will be able to write numbers from 1 to 100 and know the mathematical operations. They’ll know more about life cycles, animal classifications, senses, oceans, and continents.

Second Grade

teacher helping school kids writing test in classroomSecond grade is an exciting time for your kid. They learn crucial skills in reading and math that will serve as the foundation for the next school year. Your kid continues to grow and mature. They’ll develop their attention span skills and improve their patience. They will enjoy reading books and longer stories. They’ll be good at spelling, using correct punctuation, forming paragraphs, learning capitalization, and identifying parts of speech. Second-graders start to learn to count money, tell time, perform complex mathematical operations, and solve mathematical problems. Your kid will start learning the basics of computers. They will also be exposed to geography, geology, culture, history, news, and current events.

Third Grade

Third grade usually covers more mathematics, reading, writing and other action-packed activities. Your kid will have more new friends. They’ll do more homework and projects easily with a team. Third-graders will enjoy thicker books and write detailed essays and stories. They will use visual aids for their projects, and they’ll start writing in cursive. Your kid will work on mathematical skills and learn complicated mathematical operations, fractions, and decimals. Third-graders will learn geography, space, and the solar system. They will be more proficient at using a computer.

Fourth Grade

Your kid will learn more about mathematics and reading. They will home with a packet of materials for their school projects. Fourth-graders’ social skills are more mature. Your kid will learn about different genres of books and work on his vocabulary as well. They will be trained to do complex multiplication, division, and fractions. They’ll start to learn algebra and geometry. They will learn biology and American history.

Fifth Grade

A kid who is in fifth grade will learn how to manage their time and organize their responsibilities. Fifth grade is a puberty stage for your kid, so your kid may spend more time socializing with their friends. They will be able to read periodicals and write reports. Your kid will understand more about complex statistics, prime numbers, and fractions. They will know more about American history and the government. They will learn more in chemistry, biology, physiology, and astronomy

Expect your child to develop intellectually and socially while in elementary school. It is also the perfect time to teach them values, discipline, and faith. Choose a school that will not only hone their skills but also teach them to have a good heart and happy spirit.

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